Yearly YSL Sale

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forum, however I am a lover of luxurious bags. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows when the sale will be starting for YSL? I know usually its around May time, however I haven't gotten any confirmation from my local Saks with the exact dates online and in-store. If someone could let me know, that would be so amazing. Thank you so much! (:

  2. Heard today sales start 3rd week of May.
  3. Are all Saint Laurent bags on sale at this time? How good of a sale is it usually?
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  4. There is a thread on here about the sales called: "$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$"
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  6. does this sale happen again or is it once a year?
  7. Next one is around Thanksgiving.
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  8. What websites do you recommend I subscribe to? YSL’s website?