Yeah yeah yeah! DH coming back Sat AND new Coach shoes!

  1. Talked to DH a little while ago. He's all cleared to come back Sat evening! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    And last night I bid on a little something for myself. I've been carrying a little bit of a Paypal balance from selling a couple of things SO because I needed some new black pumps (my current ones are starting to fall apart), I bid on these and awoke to find out I won them (now I need a nice black bag to match but that will have to wait a while):
    11d1_1.JPG 123f_1.JPG 1205_1.JPG
  2. YAY TANUKIKI! I'm so glad to hear your hubby is coming home this weekend! You must be thrilled!

    I love those pumps you won! They are really cute!
  3. So happy to hear your hubby is coming home! I hope life will be easier for you and that he continues to get back on his feet.
  4. SO happy for you, on both counts!!
  5. Yay... great news about your DH and you got a pair of new Coach shoes as well!! Congratulations on both sets of news.
  6. Yay for both!!! Glad your DH is on the mend and love the shoes. Happy Valentines' Day!
  7. Congratulations on both those lovely shoes and your DH coming home!
  8. Hooray for your DH!!!!!! I know you'll be happy to have him home again.

    Those are some seriously gorgeous shoes...they will look so classy with everything!
  9. That's amazing news, congrats!!

    The shoes are TDF... LOVE that Tattersall lining!
  10. Thanks. I got them for a pretty good price so I am happy. But even more so about DH of course. 2 more days!!!:nuts:
  11. so happy for you!! and those shoes rock!
  12. Congratulations, I am happy that you DH is coming back.... Your pumps are amazing.
  13. That's GREAT news Tanikiki!!!!!! And CUTE shoes!!!! :smile:
  14. That's great! Congrats on both! What a great V-day!
  15. I'm so glad to hear your DH will be on his way back home soon and I love love love the shoes you got! :smile: