Yeah right ......

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  1. I'm getting some very strange emails stating that they purchased something from me (they dont even know what the item is by the looks of the email) where is it?, and if you don't send it they will get the POLICE involved. Yeah right, 'cause you will !!!!!!!

    The email is full of links and attachments just waiting for me to open and infect my laptop.

    I just wanted to warn people about this as it looks quite official when you first look at the email don't open it and report.... Scamming Dirty Robbers!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the warning!
  3. you should forward them to spoof @ebay & thanks for the heads up about this
  4. I did notify eBay about this its just so scary to think I could've clicked on the links ...I would hate that to happen to someone
  5. wow, ebay is a jungle..
  6. Rule of thumb----if it doesn't come through Ebay messages I ignore/delete
  7. ^agree