yayayaya ! got my first peice of lv today .

  1. well i woke up feelingg really excited as today i bought my first taste of lv at the 5th ave boutique in nyc , not a bag but i still loveee my damier key and change holder :nuts:. im def upgrading to a bag soon , ill just have to save up . im looking into the Pochette Bosphore .

    here are some pics , not the best quality since they came from my phone , does anyone know if the key and change holder has a serial number inside ? i cant seem to find it if it those .

  2. ooh, congrats. the cles is def a necessity
  3. yes it does have a datecode, you have too look at it under a lamp or something. when its unzipped it is inside near the stitching along the side
  4. Hey you got it after all! Congrats.
  5. cute :biggrin: i love mine too. you will see how useful it really is...mine came from 57th street too :smile:
  6. Congrats!! Yes the date code is heatstamped near the interior seam towards the top.(under the zipper pull once fully opened)
  7. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. thanks everyonee . haha im gonna need to start saving up , im starting to become lv crazed .
  9. congrats on your very first LV! Its so easy to get hooked!
  10. I love the Damier cles! I'm thinking I'll get one soon:p
  11. Congrats!
  12. congratulations!!!
  13. Very nice...Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of LV addiction!!
  14. congrats !
  15. Congrats!! So cute....