yay yay yay!

  1. Sa Just Called ! He Will Be Getting An Employee Return On Wed For The Ultimate Soft In Med Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yipeeee!!

    On Top Of That, I Got On The Waiting List For The Black Baby Coco Cabas, He Said They Will Be Getting 50 In!!!!!!!!

    Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED, MY HANDS ARE SHAKING!!!
  2. :yahoo: CONGRATS!!!
  3. YAY!!!!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats! Make sure to post pictures when you get them both!
  5. Good for you. Post pics.

  6. That's Terrific!!!! :yahoo:

    I really like the Black Ultimate Soft in Med.
  7. congratz! :party:
  8. AWESOME! Congrats! I would be ecstatic!!!!
  9. which store is it for the black baby coco cabas?
  10. congrats! i want to know which store is getting 50 black coco cabas in!
  11. Congrats! :yahoo::wlae::yahoo:
  12. Congrats :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :party:
  13. YAY for you!!!:yahoo:
  14. Congratulations! SO exciting!!! :yahoo:
  15. Congrats! I love both those bags. And yea, share the wealth! I have my cabas already, but I think others are itching for a number to call!