yay or nay's?

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  1. 1. Mist or Black
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. I LOVE that Black Blouse (#1)... GORGEOUS! :drool:
  3. I like #3!
  4. Nay to all - sorry.
  5. 1. In black.
  6. Nay to all, as well.
  7. I 2nd this.
  8. Yay to 1 in the white/ cream
  9. It really depends on your skin tone! The 3rd would look AMAZING if you had dark skin. If you have pale skin, maybe one of the first ones would look best. It might just come down to what colors look best on you! Remember that just because a blouse is cute doesn't mean that it was meant for you--hard to hear sometimes, but just one of those truths!
  10. It really depends on your self-confidence

    If you can rock it then why not?
  11. YAY for #1 in white
  12. Yay for #2....and where'd you find it?
  13. Either colour for the 1st one! Nay to the others...
  14. Yay No1 in mist
    Nay the rest.
  15. Yay to the black, nay to the rest!