Yay or Nay

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  1. Can't see the pics . . .
  2. you'll have to click on the links to see them. sorry
  3. as much as I LOVE the Legacy stripe...I know *I'D* destroy that fabric. The signature stripe would be much more durable.

    but of course, I'm not carrying it! :smile:
  4. The Legacy Stripe is so FUN but the Signature Stripe will be less of a hassle to keep clean. The fabric on the Legacy Stripe seems like it would easily get dirty/attract lint... but it is GORGEOUS! If you go with the Signature Stripe, you can always have it monogrammed to make it a little more special... that's what I did with mine!
  5. I say sig. stripe. That entire line has a special place in my heart. :P

    Also I agree that I would be afraid I would mess up the fabric on the legacy.
  6. Let us know which one you decide to go with...
    AND don't forget to post pics!
  7. I have the striped wristlet and love it! it goes with all my bags. that is my vote.
  8. I like the Legacy Stripe. Don't care for the signature, but I'm not all that thrilled with anything signature...
  9. as much as i LOVE the legacy stripe...i really think you have to be careful with it...i was going to get one for going out to bars, but i could just see a cosmo getting spilled all over it...

    in that case...signature stripe...

    or what about the optic lurex ones? i have the pink one and it's totally adorable.
  10. I have the legacy stripe one and adore it! Also, while I was afraid of getting it dirty, I have used it a lot and it's fine. One time I found a tiny stain on one of the stripes - I used a baby wipe and it came out right away and was fine.

    So I'm biased, but I say legacy!
  11. oooh...if it comes off that easy, i may have to get it...

  12. I have the Legacy stripe and I love it. But the signature stripe one is really nice too. The LS is a-lot bigger.
  13. I love that Legacy stripe one! I want one!
  14. I have the Legacy Stripe wristlet and the coin purse. I am totally loving them.:yahoo: