Yay or Nay? Miss Marc Tee

  1. I saw this on sale at NM a couple of days ago and it was back for a little while!
    What do you think about it? It's such a great deal for only $38!

  2. I have this in light blue & I love it! so Yay from me
  3. Do you know if MbMJ clothes fit true to size or do they run large? They only had medium available, but I don't know if it'll be too big! Nordstrom and NM have two completely different size charts!
  4. I think it's cute!
    I've only tried on a few MbMJ things (and never tees) but I've found them to run big. Since it's a tee it might be stretchy though and that might throw everything off.
  5. It gets a YAY from me. I thought it was really cute and was bumped that they only had M left. I'm tiny, I need a XS. :shame:
  6. real cute - go for it :smile:
  7. Cute top! I say go for it, it's a nice casaul fun shirt.
  8. HAHA I love this shirt! She's so cute!
  9. yay:tup:
  10. YAAAAY!! gorgeously cute tee!
    hrm.. i wonder if i can find one too..... *lemming*
  11. Love Miss Marc! Yay from me.
  12. Oh my gosh, too cute!! I LOVE that! If I remember correctly, on Ugly Betty last week, Betty was wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs teeshirt. I don't recall if it was this one exactly, but it had that girl!
  13. Huge yay
  14. I found this T not to run big - think more true to size.
  15. ugly betty is always wearing mbmj stuff.... someone over there must love him.