Yay or Nay...Michael Kors

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  1. I just got these and I'm not sure I want to keep them. I tried them today with a white top and white capri bottoms and my Balenciaga black City. It was cute, but then I thought...besides this outfit, what else would I wear them with??? Are they too weird looking?
  2. nay, sorry.
  3. I actually saw these earlier today and was eyeing them myself. I've been looking for sandals this style as an alternative to ballet flats, flip flops and espadrilles.

    I think you can wear these with a lot of different casual summer outfits and black is a perfect basic -- I would pair these with anything from capris, shorts, sun dresses, and flowy skirts.
  4. Thanks for the response girls.

    I've seen similar styled sandals in Elle, so maybe I'll give them a shot for the season. My daughter told me they were grandma-ish, so I just wanted to get someone else's opinion. =)
  5. I think they're great! They would be super cute with that black and white outfit and so much more!
  6. I think they're ok ... perfect for this type of season. A nice little black jersey dress with those puppies and you'll be set.
  7. Look good with jean as well.
  8. not a fan...
  9. i dont like them, but that's just me. they're summery, they could look good with cropped jeans/skirts?
  10. not a fan...agree with daughter`s opinion :sad: