Yay or Nay? Gucci 1973 crossbody

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  1. I'd like opinions from Gucci lovers and non-lovers alike. Thoughts on this as a night-out crossbody bag? Is the logo annoying? Is it for young girls only? Alternative suggestions?

    Hope the picture is attached -


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  2. I like it a lot, the logo is almost too big, but its ok, not bad. The bag is pretty, very nice. Some people love big logos and might think it's too small. If you love it, that's what matters, as no one will love all our bags. I think it's fine for any age at all.
  3. I have this bag and I do love it, it's a small bag and so that logo in the pic looks much smaller IRL

    It's suede-lined and the fabulous (though not light) chain can fold inside as a small clutch

    Can't see it on macho guy at all :nogood: but maybe some men could pull it off, I'd have to see before :sunnies
  4. Like!
  5. I think it but wish the flap covered the entire opening.
  6. Looks great to me!
  7. Yay!
  8. I love this bag. The logo's not too big and Gucci leather wears incredibly well.
  9. I have this bag and love it! It actually fits a lot more than you would think it does - not a full size coin purse obviously, but I have a BV coinpurse and can fit that, my phone, compact, tissues, and lipstick without a problem, and sometimes for going out that's all I really want to take. The outside leather is beautifully thick, and like papertiger said, its lined in suede.

    There are a couple of threads in the Gucci subforum about this:

  10. Thanks, all, this is really helpful. Any chance any of you considered or also have the Fendi Fendista pouchette? That looks like a slightly larger alternative. I have seen the Gucci IRL and the quality and leather is fantastic, but haven't seen the Fendi.