Yay or nay - cole haan pompom moccasins.

  1. Hmmm... no replies...I will take that as a nay. :tdown:
  2. LOL, sorry. I thought I replied to this last night or this morning. I bought these in the chocolate brown, BUT as house slippers. So, I think they are cute, but I don't think I would probably wear them out in general, or in your case to replace your Uggs. Basically, I think they are cute as house slippers, whether that is their purpose or not.
  3. ^ Yeah I wasn't so sure but they looked pretty comfy. Good thing I asked first!
  4. I got these today via FedEx lv! I'm wearing them around the house lounging as we speak. They are incredibly soft and really great looking. Usually pom poms on things when you are over the age of 10 scare me, but they are really cute on this shoe. They are totally a good deal, so if they still have your size I say grab them. I got them in the chocolate brown.

    I am not going to wear them out of the house b/c I don't do that with "house slippers" for fear of getting the bottoms all nasty, BUT they are winners to me. And, who can resist $125 for $40 including tax and shipping!
  5. :roflmfao:.. Yeah nay sorry!
    Whats the faux in the inside like?
    Are they as comfy as uggs?
  6. ^^^I just got them and they are actually very soft and comfy. I'm only using them as slippers though. I wouldn't wear them out in public. LOL
  7. cute slippers