yay or nay- a pewter bag

  1. this past weekend, i went shopping with a friend and i saw some pewter colored bags, which didn't look bad at all when i saw people trying them on. i never opted for the i've never thought about going for metallic, but the bags i saw where like a muted silver and i can't stop thinking whether i should go back and grab them. so, go or no go? give me your opinions!

    - would it match well for fall and winter? (i wear mostly greys, blacks, brown, and off-whites at this time of the year)

    - would this trend last till at least next summer, or is it already out?

    - how well can this color match with other colors?
  2. i don't know about the bag you saw...
    but balenciaga pewter bag is gorgeous!!!
  3. I think pewter's a lovely colour and silver and pewter (metallic grey) are big for S/S '07.
  4. Can you please post a pic? There's so many variations on "pewter" - it's hard to say! But if it helps, silver is supposed to be the new "gold" for spring. :yes:
  5. I think it is a kind of color that can work all year long. I say go for it!
  6. My opinion is the same as with the Red Question: If a significant sector of closet residents are clamoring for one, and so is your heart, and you find one you really like that is really cheap, then yes, you definitely need one.
  7. I think it is a great color for a bag! It will match with everything!