Yay! My first LV!

  1. I ordered this three weeks ago, and I only got it yesterday. But here it is, my first LV:


    The Neverfull MM! (sorry for the poor picture, I'm not a good photographer)

    I always thought my first LV would be a Speedy, but when I saw this bag I fell in love with it at first sight.

    I'm still on the waitlist for the Azur Speedy 30, though, so my Neverfull won't be lonely for long LOL.
  2. Love it! congrats on your first LV, i'm sure it won't be the last!
  3. Congrats! Wear it and enjoy it!

    P.S. your photography is fine!;)
  4. Congrats.
  5. Congrats that is a great first bag you'll definately get lots of use out of it
  6. One of my faves! Congrats on the neverfull! Hope you enjoy it!
  7. Congrats on your neverfull, beautiful bag! Lots more to come I'm sure....
  8. Thanks everyone. I know this is the start of a new obsession, I'm starting to see the signs now :smile: I'm getting my second LV once I get the call for the Azur Speedy. I'm getting quite impatient already...the waitlist here is super long!

    I'd also like to get a wallet, but still haven't decided which one.
  9. Congrats - you're now on a slippery slope...!
  10. Beautiful first purchase!! Congrats
  11. Congrats!
  12. congrats!
  13. prettay.....:love:
  14. congrats on your first LV!!~
  15. Congratulations and enjoy it.