Yay!!!My BF finally bought a LV

  1. My bf never think that it is appropriate to spend so much money for LV wallet. After few months trying to convince him about how good LV is, he finally bought it. Actually, he still thinking to buy one, but when I saw authentic_lvlady sell the wallet, then I call him when he was working and told him that it is a good deal and it is authentic and also looks like new. And yay...finally he said OK, BIN for me :yahoo:

    Many many thanks to Lee and John:wlae:

    Here is the picture of his wallet...
  2. It's very nice, congrats!
  3. oh CONGRATS!!! I hope he likes it!
  4. Wow.. Congrats to your BF. Epi is a great for guys
  5. very nice!
  6. yay, congrats! i hope he loves it!
  7. its the start of something BIG ;) congratz!
  8. :nuts: It arrived already? Nice...with box and tissue too:p CONGRATS!!! It's a great choice:yahoo:
  9. congrats
  10. very nice, he will love it! i managed to talk my bf into gettin a cles for coins (as he had just brought another wallet). I didnt think he would use it much (which meant i could use it haha) but he uses it every day!
  11. very nice :smile: I hope he enjoys it.
  12. :yes:yup...he loves it...:yahoo: thank you everyone

    :yes: i've received it this morning...it was around 7.30 in the morning:nuts: pretty fast.

    thanks Lee for your help back then:sweatdrop:
  13. it looks very handsome!! hope he likes it! :smile:
  14. oh congrats!
  15. Congratulations.