YAY!!! My Bag Is At The....

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  1. I didn't expect my new bag to be in until Monday, but I got the call that it's there today!!:yahoo: I am going to check it out and if I LOVE it, I will bring it home and post pics later!!:woohoo:

    Wish me luck!!:yes:
  2. How exciting!!!! Can't wait to see pics. :yahoo:

    I'm waiting for a couple of my insane ebay deals to arrive....probably won't be 'til Monday or Tuesday though..... :shrugs:
  3. Yay! I love knowing my bag is so close - Yet I always just want it in my hot little hands NOW! LOL
  4. an-tic-i-apation - remember that ketchup commercial?
  5. Ooh that black one?! I cant WAIT to see it - I hope you love it!!!
  6. I can't wait to see admat! :yahoo:
  7. Yay, can't wait for pics!!!
  8. Yay, cant wait to see her. Good luck and drive safe :biggrin:
  9. Not the black one.:P

    I got it and love it but have to go out again. I will post in a new thread later!

  10. Come back and post the thread!