Yay...I got striped (not stripped LOL)

  1. :yahoo: Here is my new summer bag. The Antigua Cabas pm in Navy Striped:p

    The material is very durable and it's so cute for the nautical summer theme this season. Perfect for those little summer dresses or shorts! That's my excuse anyhow:rolleyes: .
    :heart: Thanks for looking:heart:
    Antiguastriped-.jpg Cabaspmfront-.jpg Cabaspmback-.jpg CabasPMinterior-.jpg
  2. Oh, that's really cute!
  3. pretty! congrats :yes:
  4. CONGRATS!!! I love this little darling, but afraid of the canvas.....glad you got it, it's sooo fun! :nuts: :yahoo: lol ur pix had me bolt up from slouching, that's how much i love the stripe antigua!
  5. I LOVE the blue on it!
  6. I haven't seen that bag in blue til now. It's really cute. Congrats!
  7. totally cute love it
  8. Love this bag -- the stripes are so cute! Congrats!
  9. Ooo so cute:smile: enjoy !
  10. congrats!~ it's very cute
  11. oh, i want one i want one i want one.
  12. Ohhh I really like that, it's really cute. :heart:
  13. Loves it ! congrats !
  14. Oh it´s beautiful, I love the stripes!
  15. I am such a fan of the blue and white antigua combination, it is so nautical I love it - great for summer. I would quite like one of the Plates for myself