yay I finally went into a louis vuitton store

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  1. I went in the one in vegas in the forum shops. I really wanted to get something but my husband said no :crybaby: I still got to go in though! it was cool. I wanted either the mc wapity or the mono pochette but I guess it will have to wait!
  2. Vegas is so fun! Glad you got to experience the boutique!
  3. Glad you finally made it to a LV Boutique...hope you had a fun time in Vegas!!!
  4. Glad you had a good time in Vegas and a good time in the boutique!
  5. Good to hear you had fun! Bummer you couldn't get anything... :sad:
  6. i love las vegas! i neeeed to go to their lv boutique!
  7. yeah it was really fun.
  8. Oh husbands can be such a bummer. Believe me I have been in there many times and walked out empty handed! Glad you got to go in though.
  9. I am glad you had a good time, hopefully it wasn't too busy....that store can be very busy and service if just so-so.
  10. At least you had fun! Next time a purchase!
  11. So happy you were able to visit an LV boutique! At least now your LV dreams are in gorgeous technicolor down to the display cases, bags, SAs, and all!! LOL Don't worry --- next time you visit an LV, you will definitely be bringing home an LV goodie (or goodies!!) in a brown bag!!!
  12. That's great! Pity about DH though :sad: But I'm sure you can convince him in time...there are many husbands of memebrs here who are finally convinced that LV is the next best thing to sliced bread <heehee> and they end up buying things for the wives!! There is HOPE.
  13. glad to know you got to visit an lv boutique. i must say we are spoiled here in hong kong. there is an lv boutique practically everywhere. i will definitely miss it when i move to another country. anyway, hope your dh budges in your future lv trips.