Yay!! I finally got my ring back AND a brand new Rolex to boot!! PICS!


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Oct 10, 2006
I am so excited, I finally got back my right hand bling ring :wlae:. I had my original 2 ct princess center and 1 ct each side trapezoid diamond ring surrounded by pave diamonds. It turned out so pretty and is blinding in the sun. I also bought the watch that took me numerous posts and words of wisdom from all of you Pfers:P.....My brand new Rolex midsized datejust with stick markers, rose gold (pinkish) dial and oyster bracelet.

I love love love my watch! The ring I love too..but I wear it on my right hand and when I shake people's hands, it cuts my fingers :crybaby:. I guess I will just have to get over it cause it is so pretty! I just wanted to share my excitement with you all cause you are the ONLY ones who "get" being excited over things you have been saving and waiting for! ;)

I only put my ring on my left hand in my pics because that is the hand I wear my watch on...I wanted to show off both :P:P:P I wish my BF gave me a left hand ring...sigh, maybe soon.



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Sep 13, 2005
The ring is so stunning- I can see what you mean about blinding in the light :yes: Love the watch! Congrats on the new beauties!


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Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
hehe, ohhh, when your bf gives you that left hand ring, we'll all be cheering you on just as we're rooting for those two beauties you've got to show us now!!!!
sorry i wasn't here to help you decide on the midsized rolex, but it looks super cool on you.