Yay i can join the waitlisted club!!!

  1. YAY:yahoo: im so happy!!! after asking questions about being waitlisted for a bag on here I took the plunge today!
    Im waitlisted for the MM HAMSTEAD!!! well... and the PM!!!:heart: The SA said she will give me a ring and i can look at both:love:
    OMG im sooooooooo happy:nuts: I feel like im one of the LV groupies now!!!
    Then i went upstairs and had a look at the damier speedys, :graucho: ooohhhh! am soooo in :heart: with the 25!!! the 30s too big for me! So that will be checked off my list within a few weeks!!!:yahoo:
    Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement!:love:
    anyone else waitlisted for the beauty~?
  2. Congrats! That's fun :smile:
  3. i'm very happy for you! congrats and can't wait til you get it!
  4. congrats! cant wait to see it when you get it!
  5. thanks girls!!!! im just soooo excited nw! il be dreaming about it till 1st april! just gotta decide on size now! im thinking MM, because if i get the speedy 25 (which is a small bag) I wouldnt want 2 bags of the same size x
  6. congrats!!!
  7. Congrats !
  8. Congrats, hope you get it soon!
  9. lol! yeh me too! except its not released till 1st april :sad: i will just have to be patient!:shame: and buy a damier speedy to keep me going!!!:graucho: :heart:
  10. Good choices..congrats!!
  11. Congratulations!
  12. meee meee!!! PM!
  13. yep thats the one I was thinking of!:yahoo: would be nice to see both and see how they look!!!:heart: oooo im soooooooo excited !!! only a few months to go! think i might put a ticker factory thingy on so i dont for get about it!:smile: lol