YAY~~got the Black MC Pochette!! But...

  1. I finally did it!! it was :drool: at first sight...!!! But the short strap kinda bug me a little...and i don't want to spend $$ on that little extender:sweatdrop:, just wondering what you guys do???
  2. I coughed up the money for the extender.. I think it'd look kind of silly to home make one, so I didn't try.
  3. how much are the extenders? because i want a pochette but i dont know the price of the extender, cant get it on LV.uk *growl* any help would be FAB thanks :biggrin:
  4. Congratulations on your purchase.
  5. I also have a black MC pochette, and intend on buying an extender, but for now I jam it up my fat arm. Ack, how is that for a visual?
  6. The black MC pochette rocks! I love mine so much, but for me the short strap is OK.

    Does the extender come with the cool studs like on the short strap?
  7. no studs^ but they sell oin ebay for around $80 or 60 is the lowest i saw last time, and i think (last time i checked) it was $110
  8. Congrats on your purchase!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Yeah just buy the extender, I found a brand new one on ebay for $79 two years ago,came straight from the store in San Francisco in the box, wrapper, everything with reciept, lady brought it and never used it, she sold her white multicolor pochette. It's worth it, and it makes the bag look so chic.
  10. thanks, missbabydolce! Good info :flowers:
  11. Buy the extender!
    And if you ever *gasp* plan on selling your pochette you could always just use your extender as a keychain! I have one and it gives you a lot more room so you can definitely wear the pochette on your shoulder, no problem!
    I bought a used extender on eBay for about $75, it was a little expensive for its condition (lots of scratches) but it would've gotten a used look from me anyway! Search "pochette extender" or "vuitton keyring" or similar things...and you should be able to find one. Sometimes there are some for very, very low starting bids; you just have to browse!

    Congrats on your black MC pochette!
  12. There is a cheaper and cute alternative to the pochette extender. I use a Juicy Couture keychain. The color matches the hardware on the pochette perfectly and you can buy it with a variety of dangly charms. Here is a pic of mine with the keychain:
  13. Yeah the extenders are $110 now. If you plan on getting a lot of pochettes, you might find that it's a good investment.
    Otherwise, sometimes there are some that are a bit cheaper on ebay if you don't mind buying it from there.
  14. LVGirly, I love your idea! How creative!! I am going to try that!
  15. Congrats!!!!
    May be you can use it as a clutch and just hold it instead of carrying it....
    It's a great buy...