Yay! Firebird Teri on the way...

  1. Oops! I was supposed to be on a bag ban, but when I saw the Firebird Teri on eBay I just had to break the ban and hit BIN :shame:

    Hope this Firebird turns out to be in good condition irl too - I'm a bit freaked after reading littlerock80's sad Firebird Bowler story... :sweatdrop:

  2. Yay congrats..i was watching that bag lol :p, so glad you got it :0
  3. congrats! i love the firebird color. is it the picture? i thought the firebird color was a brighter red? it looks a little like cordovan to me. anyway, i can't wait to see your pics!
  4. I was just going to say, but I think it's the lighting.

    Congrats on your new Firebird Teri!! It's a hard color to find and glad you got it!! ;)
  5. Yes ... I saw it on eBay ... great! Congrats!
  6. wow, that's a gorgeous red! it's so hard to find a good solid red! will you take pics modeling her when you receive her? congrats on the find!!
  7. Very nice!!! Can't wait to see pictures. Congrats!!
  8. Yes, it's the bag in the picture that I bought. I really hope that it is Firebird and not Cordovan - I was after a bright red bag but the colour does look a bit dark. The tag in the picture says Firebird Red, so maybe it's just the lighting!

    I'll post pictures of my own when I receive the bag :smile:
  9. I'm certain the bag is firebird, and not cordovan.
    You can tell from the hardware, especially at the turnlocks!

    Congrats! The Teri is my favourite!
  10. exactly! :yes:
  11. Oh, that sounds great! :yahoo:
  12. I agree that this is DEF Firebird red as I also had a Teri in Firebird and it was this exact same bag, I have also had a bag in the cordovan and that red it muted- not as bright.

    My question to everyone is why was the Firebird color of my Teri bag COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the Firebird Bowler that I had. The Teri I had was so beautiful- a bright but deep ble red that was stunning! But the Bowler that I had in what was supposed to be the same color was an orangy red. Even the stitching was different. The stitching on the Teri was a matching red color but on the Bowler it was a brown stitching. Can anyone explain this?

    Neither of these were cordovan- I know for a fact as I am very familiar with that color. They both had the older turnlocks/ writing and both the lining was the same with the black/ off white (yellowy) letters.

    Were these two bags made differently? Maybe they re-did the Teri in Firebird and the color came out better?? I am SO confused..

    Any help would be awesome.
  13. oh pretty. firebird is a very nice color- my friend has a firebird bowler :biggrin:

  14. My firebird tina is a vibrant red, the stitching is a dark maroon, almost brown looking stitching.

    there are probably other inconsistencies that we have missed too with MbyMJ bags
  15. ^ That's funny, Gung was posting about this same situation with two bags that she recieved, both were firebird, but were completely different reds.

    Anywho,Gorgeous Teri! Can't wait for pics!