Yay, a Jige!!!!

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  1. :party:
    We went to SF today to celebrate my recent promotion and it was a gorgeous day in the city! I was looking for a clutch for a swanky event we're going to tomorrow. Went to Hermes to look around and see what they had. :graucho:
    I was so happy to see my favorite SA was back! :tup: I think I tried on almost every bag in the store and it was so much fun. I was in love with the black evergrain Jige PM but the one in the case was a little scratched. :crybaby:
    We asked if it was possible to find another one. My SA disappeared for a few moments and when she returned, I was so excited to see she had an orange box in her hands! :nuts:
    So introducing my new Jige...
    I am so excited!!! I have wanted a Jige for so long...I love it!!!!! :yahoo:
    bags2.jpg jbox.jpg jtop.jpg blkj.jpg
  2. Congratulations!!!
  3. Wow!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  4. CB ~ stunning Jige!! I'll bet you just want to cuddle up to that evergrain; it's so soft.
  5. :party::dothewave::party:


    What a day!
    Congratulations am sooooooo pleased for you
  6. Beautiful CB!! And congrats on your promotion!
  7. Hooray - CB you've been waiting for that gorgeous clutch for so long. It's absolutely perfect!

    Have a great time at your swanky do.

    Congratulations :drinkup:
  8. GORGEOUS!!! And they had TWO of them! Very, very nice day indeed. Congratulations!
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. :happydance:Very nice.

  11. oooh - and we're going to need an action pic before your big outing CB :yes:
  12. Congratulations H on your new Jige and your promotion!
  13. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Look at that contrast stitching! Love it!!! CONGRATES!!
  14. CB, congrats on your new Jige! :smile:
  15. Such a stunning and elegant clutch. You totally deserve the promotion! Yay, CB!