Ya want some Mustard w/your chloe bag?


Jan 11, 2006
Dijon mustard....that is. Here's my new bag that is going back PRONTO:

Color was not what I had expected at all. It's even 'browner' than in this photo and the color definitely does not complement the hardware at all. It just all kinda melds together.
Woah.. that does bear a strong resemblence to mustard. Are you going to go back for another one, or is that the end of Chloe bags for you ?
bagnshoofetish said:
hmmm. it does look kinda' monkey puke yellow but photos can lie. is it really that bad in person?

It's WORSE -- acutally that photo made it look a bit brighter.

ayla, I've pre-ordered it in white, but we'll see if I get one. I love the style a lot.
SerenitySue said:
Definitely don't like that colour! Looks like a very sick, jaundiced tan, yeah and with monkey puke on top.

Yeah -- JAUNE is the official name of the color, try JAUN-DICE instead.

Nawth -- I was sooo dissapointed !! :sad2:
Oh my... I saw that bag IRL yesterday and LOVED it. I thought it was going to be ugly and mustardy until I saw it. It appeared to be more of a honey color when I saw it. Hmmm! Sorry you don't like it!
I am sorry you don't like it - at least you have another on the way.

To be honest - I don't mind the color either and if the hardware does blend into the bag I might like it even more - I hate gold hardware. :amuse:
So sorry you don't like it Mammb! :sad: were you expecting a brighter bolder color? In my opinion, it's not terrible- it's actually a pretty yellow, I feel like it is very wearable and a nice shade! But if it's not what you were hoping for, it must go back!! You will love the white one!!