Xmas Wish II


Nov 18, 2007
:tup:Oh hey guys and I have another question

I dont know if anyone of you saw, but I got the Cruise Cataloge from Chanel today (or on www.chanel.com Cruise Collection Picture 6 - there is this Classy Chanel Bag in beige with an orange lining. What do you guys think about that bag??
I really would like to have it for going out, and as I often wear black tops I think this bag could fresh n up my party tops:smile: :girlsigh: WHAT do you guys think???

But I want to show you some other bags I really adore and you guys should tell me what you think.
I go for bags for either 1) during the day, to jeans, pullovers, at University the whole day.. so nothing to small or toooo elegant, nix of both- Id love to have this Chanel Coco Cabas Tote or the Chanel Luxury Ligne Bower but the Chanel Assistance all in Black told me its sold out and is not produced anymore?) (IS THAT TRUE?)
2) Handbags to go out to partyyyyy

So here are somebags I have an eye on:

THE YSL MUSE - But I would like to get in Green - Its chilly for a day at University as I can through my Papers inside etc...

Or this one:

Or maybe I thought about getting a RED bag - cause I wear a lot of Jeans and Grey Pullovers - could make a nice contrast - now the BIG question - PRADA or TODS?


Or maybe should I stick to Black?

Can anyone help me here??? Its such a hard decision:s

:heart:thankkkkkkk you and HONEST Opp. please!:nuts: