Xmas shopping in.. Copenhagen?

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  1. Ok ladies - here is the deal. I have two glorious weeks off for Xmas, the week before and the week after. The SO still lives in Houston and even though I want to see him (I live in Austin) I can't stand the thought of two weeks in a row in Houston (own personal reasons - normally go to NYC - nothing against Houston, lived there for 6 years)

    So I found some good fares to Copenhagen or Paris for the week before Xmas. I KNOW there would be some killer shopping in Paris but I am curious about Copenhagen. Would love to visit as my family is from Denmark. Anyone from there or visited? What is the shopping like?

  2. ...and just need to say... I am not rich!!! :yes:
  3. i'm in copenhagen now! there are christmas markets here and there, and the shopping impressed me in general when i started looking around (i came from london) but it's not cheap. cheaper than london but a lot of stuff i buy in helsinki as far as clothes go because it's a fair bit cheaper (for the exact same clothes a lot of the time). and copenhagen really is gorgeous, especially around christmas, i'd definitely recommend it! i'm going to london tomorrow and i'm a bit sad to leave :crybaby:

    as for paris... it's pretty unmissable, but is there any way you could do both? flights within europe can be pretty cheap if you look in the right places. you could always do a week in paris and a week in cph :graucho: ?
  4. Annasas - I would love to do both but I have to be back in the states before xmas. We did get grounded in Paris once coming back from Greece but I was a TOTAL loser and did not explore the city on our one day layover (strikes were going on at the time and was scared to miss flight). I have not done research (no worries) but what else in Copenhagen could I see that is memorable? And what specific region are the nice shops in? :yahoo: