x'mas present list, everyone chip in!

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  1. so..what did you want for x'mas?
    what did u get?
    a gift?
    or were u being self-santa? :love:

    damier pochette and ribera mini... i got myself the pochette..didn't expect to buy both the pochette and the ribera mini...never expected the ribera mini to be part of my collection because it's pretty small and hard to get into!

    .....so they were "surprises"! also..thanks to my friend who "chipped in" on my ribera mini!!! :yahoo: (btw i took my ribera mini out for a spin last night..hope the leather softens over time!
  2. Well to "help" my boyfriend out I went yesterday and ended up purchasing the LV Stephen Sprouse Leopard/Mono Sheer bandeau (well I think it's considered a bandeau, it's the sheer one./...not sure of the exact name as I had it gift wrapped & it's under the tree 'til Christmas) and "Icons" book. I also purchased an "Icons" book to give to my friend as gift.

    I ordered the Panda pochette this past Wednesday but looks like it will arrive a day or two after Christmas.

    My boyfriend and I went to the mall today to do some last minute shopping and I dragged him into the LV boutique to show him the damier azur line as I really want either the speedy or saleya . Anyway he was acting out-of -the-ordinary so I'm thinking he may have something up his sleeve for Christmas. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep you posted.
  3. I'll let ya know in 2 days...:girlsigh:
  4. Already got my red epi petit noe.:heart:

  5. Rensky- congrats on your new bags! I really like the Ribera style- I purchased the mini about two years ago and decided it was a little to small for my liking and ended up returning it. Unfortunately the regular Ribera is way to big and granny-like for me. I wish they had a Ribera MM.:smile:
  6. My BF got something for me....that's all I'm gonna say for now ;) I'll post pics in a couple of days! :amuse:
  7. For me (stuff I haven't gotten about but already know about..this is without any surprises I may get :graucho:)
    Silver Miroir Speedy
    Pastilles multicolore extender/keyring
    Icons book
    Framboise Speedy keyring

    Things I got for my mom:
    Brown/tan Jack & Lucie keyring
    White Inclusion Speedy keyring
    Monogram Leopard scarf
    Honey Glitter Obsession sunglasses
    Gucci charm bracelet scarf
    Hermes twilly
  8. Oh, mine is boring, not too many things on here :rolleyes:

    I got myself the azur speedy
    DH got me a non LV, a rolex :yes:
  9. I am more of self-santa, which i don't mind at all, b/c the gift WILL be the Exact one i want!:happydance:
    Since i complete all X-mas shopping around Labor day, i get to enoy the shopping season just for being my own santa haha:
    Miroir-gold pap, s&g pochette(might return though)
    Azur Speedy 30-my 1st speedy! :smile:
    Chanel double cs rhine stone stud-last pair in town!
    Bf is giving me:
    Rose Mono Koala agenda
    Inclusion bangle
    Panda cles

    Love X-mas!
  10. Rolex vs LV, hummm grab the rolex and drop him LV list for V-day gift:supacool:
  11. I am my own "LV santa" this year. I was planning on purchasing a wallet next week when I go downtown.. but I've been seriously reconsidering it for the past few days. With rumours of another price increase in February, and all of these issues with quality and poor customer service, I'm feeling very annoyed at LV. :cursing:
  12. LV have their price increase every year regardless of anything, at least you know it only increase only once a year(correct me if i am wrong), where as Gucci had more than one price increase this year:cursing: . And i do agree w/u about the quailty, it's starting to be a bad trend for all the high end brands such as LV and Chanel. :'(
  13. i think LV did at least 2 increase this year, the last one was on Nov 1st and now they're gonna have another one 3 months later on Feb 1st... it's out of control!
  14. I am getting a cabas piano (from dh) and a white MC pochette (from parents) with an extender (from dh) for Christmas. Some Chanel sunglasses from my parents. Maybe some surprises???
    I'm also treating myself to a Manhattan PM, but I'm letting my damier speedy go.
    I'd like a little surprise from LV from the hubby but we'll see. We open presents tomorrow night!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Congrats on that Manhattan PM! :graucho: