X'mas 2013 jewelery wishlist

  1. That would be a great xmas gift!

    Didn't you once consider the rainbow love bracelet? Do you still like that or have you even gotten it already?
  2. Yes cupcake34, I would love the rainbow love if I could have it in yellow gold. I am going to hold out, maybe they will have a special editon some year and bring it back in yg. I kick myself because when I finally decided to buy the rainbow my SA said he could not get me a yg one. I am just a yg kinda girl.
  3. Have you seen the RG bracelet in person? The RG is really subtle and looks more yellow than RG normally does.

    Also, I was told that it is possible to special order the bracelet in YG (it is more expensive, though).

    What love bracelet (i.e. plain, rainbow, diamond) is your favorite one?
  4. I haven't seen rg in person. I have only ordered Cartier over the phone. I think my favorite would be the 4 diamond when I get it followed by the plain. I am nervous about the new screw system, I asked my SA about it and he said not to worry they have improved it but I imagine it is the same boutique in Toronto that Jen got hers. They probably tell everyone not to worry. I guess I will make sure there is coverage on my insurance policy for it, at least for a few years. I like not having to worry about the juste or the old screw system on my plain love.
  5. You should really see the RG rainbow love in person, it's beautiful!

    I can imagine that you're nervous about the new screw system. But then again, you may get a perfect one; not everyone has had problems with it.
  6. Well, the top of my wishlist belongs to RG Love bracelet, but I don't think Santa will be that generous this year, so maybe a RG Baby Love bracelet... :smile:
    What I would also like to find under the Christmas tree is a nice watch by Longines.
  7. Only 1 thing on my wishlist but I know Santa wont be bringing it to me but a girl can keep on wishing

    Anita Ko Single Arrow Earring - diamond and rose gold
    1 anita-ko-gold-arrow-18karat-rose-gold-diamond-earring-product-1-13678037-710491794_large_flex.jpeg 2 anita-ko-gold-arrow-18karat-rose-gold-diamond-earring-product-2-13678037-715468513_large_flex.jpeg 3 anita ko.jpg
  8. That earring is so cool!
  9. Yes love this earring!
  10. Longines has nice watches! I like the thin model.
  11. Cartier. Yeah Caz dream on!!
  12. Hmm... I already have all the pieces I currently want. Probably won't be getting any jewellery this year.
  13. Cartier love bracelet size 19, same wish as last year :sad: Maybe some day.
  14. I love it! I couldn't figure out how it would attach, but that is so clever. Now I want one! :p
  15. It can come true Caz :smile:. Maybe just save up for it & buy it for yourself one day? It'll make a great "i love me" present! ;)