XL Muse in "Biscotto"

  1. It's now offered on Saks.com. Is Biscotto the same as Orange?

    Biscotto XL Muse
  2. I guess so. Although it looks a little more tan than the LVR orange muse pics.
  3. Yup, that's what I got when I ordered my orange. I like the color.
  4. Has your orange been delievered to you already? If so...


    I'm starting to consider the orange since it looks like the red I've been dying for may be closer to burgundy instead of RED-red like I hoped. It still has come and the deliever date has been pushed back to Sept. 8th :crybaby:
  5. I have to get another digital camera but it look just like the stock photo except mine is XL. That pic is of the Large (Saks is confused). I agree the red does look more like burgundy. The Biscotto (orange) is not very bright. I plan to make it a fall bag and wear it with lots of shades of brown. I will try to get someone to take a pic but that will not satisfy your thirst for the red.
  6. I love the color its got a vintagey look to it :smile:
  7. yes, they are the same. and the pic you post is LARGE.
    here is my muse
  8. I have the Biscotto in Large and have also seen the orange in the store here. They are definitely different. Coz of the lighting I can't figure I can't figure the color in the pic, but the size I agree is large...not XL.
  9. Biscotto and Orange are not the same....both colors are available...I almost made the mistake of ordering the Biscotto online at Saks.com....luckily, I called the YSL Houston boutique and they informed me that both colors are available....I like the orange ..it is a very Hermes orange....the SA agreed...very rich!!
  10. Gorgeous!!! Congrats & enjoy. =)