WWYD, take it to the game or leave it at the office?


What would you do?

  1. Take your city to the ball game?

  2. Leave it at work?

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  1. Well shoot.

    I wasn't thinking today when I loaded up my city and brought her to work.

    I'm going to a basketball game tonight and I'm torn as to whether I should bring her along or leave her in my cube.

    If I take her to the game, she might meet with a beer or food related accident. They might not even let me into the game since the City toes that line of "handbag" and "bag." On the plus side, my office is only a few box away from the Garden, so I could run back if they don't let me in.

    She'll most likely be safe at the office. I can tuck her away somewhere relatively safe, but I'll still be concerned. I've left my ipod and gym at the office before and they haven't been disturbed. But this is kind of different...

    So I ask you all, what would you do?:shrugs:
  2. Huh? no purses into basketball arena? I'd take her and had it close to me that way nobody can spill or get near to the bag.
  3. Are you going to see Celtics game?????
  4. It it's a darker color, I'd take it. If it's fairly light, I'd be too worried and would leave it.
  5. :yes:
    Yup, the Celtics game it is.

    And to answer citychris's question-it is a darker color.

    And an even other question-Boston has something against "bags" anywhere at any game. On of my friends was able to carrier her small (er than my city) satchel to a celtics game BUT her boyfriend wasn't allowed to carry in a similar bag.

    Go figure!
  6. I would leave her at the office. Too many beer accidents at games.
  7. I would personally take it - and keep it close to me. They tend to be more funny with backpacks or bags from guys than ladies purses.
  8. I say bring it to the game!! I brought my city to a warriors game and everything was a-ok...I'd rather have a small "accident" on my bbag than have it go missing alltogether!!!:ninja:
  9. Can you lock her up in your car? I'd feel safer with it in my car than left alone in my office.

    Have fun at the game!
  10. I wish! Unforunately, I work downtown so I don't drive in.
  11. My Cities have gone to lots of basketball games with me, and it's never been a problem. If you're really worried, you could always go into the gift shop and ask for a plastic bag to put her in to protect from any possible spills...
  12. I'd take her! Don't leave her all alone at the office!:crybaby:
  13. Can you put it down on / wrap it up in a coat or scarf to protect it?
  14. I would never leave it at the office-take it with. I always take my bags with me to Bears games or White Sox games (sorry, not a Cub fan!)
  15. ^^ great idea Cheshire, that's what i'd do :tender: