www.puremoda.com.... do they sell authentic or fake bags?

  1. I wouldn't touch them. I see too many fake Pradas there. And the scammers ALWAYS say their crap is authentic.
  2. yeah, stay away from the site..
  3. Their Dior Gaucho is fake!!!! Stay away from them!
  4. FAKE FAKE FAKE.....try JOYANATURA.COM.....I just got their fur holdall bag for the winter....I am off on a skiing trip and all my friends are now saving to buy it in pink and purple.......I have a close up pic if you wanna see detail.....its fab....lush and delish
  5. Please let me know if this site sells authentic merchandise. www.puremoda.com
  6. Absolutely not. There a couple of other threads that mention them if you do a search.
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