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  1. Can I just check that they sell the real thing?
    Also anybody used them before? I just placed and order and realised I probably should have checked before hand, opps!

  2. I have not used them. I tried to once but they got super complicated and wanted me to fax a copy of my passport and a copy of my bankstatement so I just cancelled order. I believe they do authetic things though all though I guess I can't be sure since I havent bought anything there.
  3. How weird? Is that because you were outside the UK? I don't blame u for cancelling. Thanks for replying, fingers crossed it'll go smoothly.
  4. If I remember correctly I think it said in the email that they couldnt get any confirmation from my bank and that is probably because I am outside UK but I order from nap and one other UK site and there has never been a problem before. I guess they just wanted to be sure I was me and that is a good thing but I wont be faxing my passport anywhere. Anyways I know people in UK who have used the site and have not had any problem. From what I have heard it is a reliable site.
  5. I ordered a baby paddy from them at the beginning of last year. It was described as grey with silver hardware and the picture showed a very pale grey- so I assumed it was the SS07 nuage, but when it arrived it was galette- very similar to nuage, but from the previous year, so i sent it back. But it was genuine, and the return was very straight forward. Other than the fact that their stock was a year behind (!!!) I would recommend them.
  6. Yeah I think you ae right about the stock being behind, the baby paddy I have ordered is chocolate, well thats how its described, which is 06 isn't it? However this is really the colour I want and I can't find it anywhere else so i'm dead chuffed!
  7. Congratulations on the new bag- please post pics when it arrives!
  8. I am kind of used to it sending my bank statement and copy of id when I am ordering from the UK. This gives me confidence, that the shop is serious & that they prevent fraud ect.
    I used Asos once and the bag was perfectly genuine. I can't wait to see the pics of your new bag :smile:
  9. Authenticity questions should be asked in our Authenticate This! Chloe thread only please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.