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  1. GAH! Ok, so a short while back I bought 2 crossbody Coach bags. They are the Madison Leather Crossbody and I got them in black/brass and bordeaux. I'll try to post a photo below. They are lovely and adorable and compact but I can't help thinking one thing...they were expensive! Now, I don't necessarily mean expensive in the general sense...what I mean is expensive for such a small bag. Does that make sense? I keep thinking how for about $150 more per bag, I could have a SOPHIA for each! So, what do you all think? What would you do? Putting aside whether you are normally a big bag girl or not...do you think it makes sense to pay $188 for a small crossbody when I could spend just $150 more and have a sophia? Or does that thought even matter to any of you? I guess I feel like the the smaller bags should be much cheaper since there is less material involved in making them...but then again, I could just be off my rocker tonight :P

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  2. I'm like you. Aside from liking the extra space that a larger bag would have, I do consider how much "stuff" I'm getting for my buck. I'm not a "small bag person" even though I don't carry around that much on a daily basis. I just like to have the option of being able to fit more. I don't care for the look of bags when they're stuffed full and you basically have to stretch the zipper over everything. However, I WILL buy a small bag if I can get a really good deal on it. Somebody asked a similar question about why wallets are so expensive and pointed out that one could buy a bag for the same price or just a little more. I think one explanation had to do with the more intricate and detailed work that goes into making a wallet. Maybe it's the same with smaller bags, that they're more labor intensive. Or, maybe it's a way to get us to spend just "a little" more on something bigger. I guess I just feel like I'm getting more by buying larger.
  3. Small bags don't have much use for me and don't look proportionate on my body, so I usually buy larger bags, PLUS it's hard for me to part with alot of money for a small bag when, like you said, you could spend a little more and get something else bigger.

    If you still have the tags on, take them back and exchange for what you really want!
  4. I really like the Madison Crossbody and was considering getting it with PCE! Just because a bag is larger doesn't mean it's better. If you're concerned about spending so much maybe you could return just one and put the savings toward a larger bag.
  5. Thanks for your reply, CDB3! I can see that...about wallets and the intricate work. There is a bit of leather pleating on these crossbodies so perhaps that's why they are a bit more than I would think. When I saw these I thought they would be good for using on the weekends or heading out for a night or something. But then I started thinking, I could just use a wristlet for those times. I'm horrible at making decisions. But I really am leaning towards taking them back and getting the money towards something bigger and better for my daily life.

  6. Thanks, emilybug! Small bags don't really look all that good on me either...I was mostly hoping these would *make* me downsize and carry less...but I find myself just staring at the bags thinking, "you are adorable, but are you practical?" LOL. I do still have the tags on them so maybe I'll think of something better to purchase instead.

  7. They are super duper cute, kmb562! I'm sure you will love one. That was exactly my original thought - to keep perhaps the black, and exchange the bordeaux for something a bit better/bigger. I really appreciate your opinion! Thanks for chiming in!
  8. While I like the thought of small bags, they just never seem to work for me. The one recent exception is the mini Sophia...what a cutie! I like that it's a smallish crossbody bag that holds enough for me to actually use it. I know for me when I start really debating the price of one bag vs. another bag it's usually because I'm not 100% happy with the purchase. If you're not sure about these bags I think you should return them and get something you love that you have no doubts about!

    Let us know what you decide!
  9. Totally agree. I am always considering the "most bang for the buck," so I usually tend to pass over smaller bags when I see that I can get a larger bag for sometimes the same price or a little more. Plus really small bags don't work for me in most situations. I'm pretty minimal with what I carry, but I still need something along the size of a small Sophia to hold it all without the bag looking overstuffed.

    If you don't love them like you thought you would, take em back and get what really makes you happy. You sound pretty unsure of your purchases, so I do think you'd be happier with something else.
  10. Thank you, camnagem and nc.girl! My main dilemma is not that I don't like them, just that I feel like I dumped a lot of money into purchasing them and I could get something more substantial for a handful of $$ more. I'm gonna think about it over the weekend and decide by Monday on what to do. Problem is, I like a crossbody option (because every thing falls off my shoulder when I'm shopping!) and the Sophia doesn't have that and I feel the Lindsey is too big for me....the mini Sophia is an option though...Hmmm....And I do like the Kristin style so I might exchange for something in that line. Thanks for chiming in so far everyone!
  11. Well, although I like the idea of small bags and crossbody styles, I just feel like I don't ever use them enough to justify spending so much on them. I don't have a ton of money to spend on bags, so everything I have needs to be used!! I personally feel that I would get so much more use out a full sized bag. HTH!!
  12. I say spring for a bigger bag, if you can. I love little crossbodies, too, but then I think....but I could have a more practical bag if I spent a bit more...tell us what you decide!
  13. I just picked up a Madison small leather bag in Bronze at Macy's for $89! It was 25% off plus another 25% plus another 20% when I used my Macy's card. Now THAT I can justify! It was perfect for me because I LOVE the bronze color but wasn't sure I wanted it on a large bag. It's not crossbody but the straps fit over the shoulder. This is my first SMALL bag.
  14. Holy cow!!! I could've justified that too; what a STEAL!
  15. I don't think it is a handful of money separating the prices of the Sophia from the crossbody. The Sophia is almost twice the price. If you like crossbody and the size, I think you should keep the bags. I love the look of small bags; I have to get slightly bigger bags to hold all my stuff. For the price you paid, you got two bags instead of just one. There is more to the small bag than just the amount of leather. There is just as much workmanship involved and not much difference in the amount of hardware. When you buy clothes, there isn't much difference in the price between the regular sizes and the queen sizes. It is the labor and styling you are mostly paying for. If you really like crossbody bags, you should stick with them. I don't think you will like the Sophia. The handles are very short. You can wear them on your shoulder just barely. The longer strap is too short to wear crossbody and the bag doesn't look good with the longer strap so most people don't use it. I don't think crossbody works very good in larger bags usually which is probably why Coach makes mostly crossbody in the smaller sizes.
    The mini Sophia is cute and does come with a crossbody strap. The Kristins are very big in comparison. The problem I have with most small bags is that it is hard to fit a full size wallet in them. The poppy cinch is really cute too and I think that comes with a crossbody strap. It is relatively cheap. It looks small but I could fit everything I carry in it. Whenever I try on a purse, I put my stuff inside to see if it will work for me. Last time, I had to go back because I had left my sunglasses in one of the purses.