WTF !!!.... Only In New York

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    Yale alum Josh Drimmer stripped off his clothes yesterday for a leisurely stroll through New York City’s Times Square, flaunting his junk
    (from the size of the blur, it doesn’t look like it was worth flaunting
    After every police officer, firefighter, and EMT in New York and neighboring New Jersey responded (yay tax dollars!), Drimmer was arrested and sent off to Bellevue Hospital (aka the nut house) for evaluation.

    I think the New York Post solved the crazy question when they interviewed one of his old college roommates
    “He was a strange guy,” said a man who lived in Drimmer’s Yale dorm during freshman year. “He would do weird things. He would eat scraps of food people left around for a couple of hours.”

    Splash News
  2. Better walking around Times Sqare naked than gunning down fellow students. I hope he gets the help he apparently needs.
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  4. No kidding. He took the John Lennon statement route. Nudity.
  5. oooooooh kay. Hm.:s
  6. He's lucky no one had a magnifying glass handy...
  7. hahaha, gotta love new york.
  8. With the exception of the second pic, I love how no one seems to give a damn. I guess New Yorkers really do see everything.
  9. LOL that is odd!
  10. hehehe, I laughed when I saw this on the news last night