WTF!!Buyer claiming she never received item, yet SHE signed for it!

  1. I sold an LV item on eBay and shipped it out the next day via FedEx. According to FedEx tracking, it was delivered on 11/16/07 and was signed for (I always do direct signature only)BY THE BUYER!!! Now she is emailing me telling me that she has been waiting forever and the item should have been to her by now...blah blah blah. I sent her back the FedEx tracking info with HER signature proof, HER address and HER name on it. Either she is a complete moron or a really bad scam artist! Has anyone else had this happen to them? I am waiting to hear back from her.
  2. You were very smart to get the direct signature. She is obviously a scam artist and my guess is that she'll go away now that you've sent your proof. I think it's safe to say you are covered and shouldn't sweat it. Good job!
  3. No, it gets worse....she emailed me back saying that it is NOT HER signature! Yet it has her name printed right next to it!
  4. That happened to me once, I had proof of delivery the guy said that it was never received. It was within the Uk & had paid by cheque lucky enough, if it had been paypal dear knows how it would have ended, knowing them. he made me send a claims form to the post office but of course they threw it out as it had been signed for.

    Another time a girl said she had not received a bag even though it had been delivered, eventually she told me her sister in law signed for it & stole it WTF!!!!

    There are some crazy people out there!
    I hope you get it sorted out.
  5. You can perhaps talk to Fedex and ask them which delievery guy delivered it and try to ask them if they remember which house exactly to be sure and who signed for it..
    Good luck, I hope this works out!
  6. Probably a fraudulent buyer who signed for it and tries her luck to get it free.
    I had that experience before by Paypal to a confirmed address in US. That buyer you have there doesn't come from NJ does she? :biggrin:

    You can't prove a signature isn't or is yours. No way unless you live outside US where some countries request for the ID# of the person signing for parcels.
  7. yep, very likely a scammer, just trying to get the bag for free. I have no experience with this but, I doubt that Paypal will side with her if she makes a claim. You have proof of *her* signature, delivery confirmation, and that's that. If someone really did steal the package and forge her signature, it is *HER* responsibility to pursue has NOTHING to do with you so she cannot claim $$ from you.
  8. if you have proof package was signed for, then you are covered. So many scamers out there. good luck

  9. Agree 100%. you've got nothing to worry about. I used to work for a ticket broker. If there is a signature at that address, you win. I've dealt with countless numbers of these claims from ticket buyers. Almost all of whom also charged back but we sent the signature that FedEx gave us, which also showed it was the address we shipped to naturally, and won. I had one woman pursue a chargeback saying the recipient was deceased and did not order the tickets but the same recipient signed for the package! (risen from the dead?) People are crazy.
  10. :wtf::wtf::wtf: the scams that people come up with!
  11. I really feel for anyone who sells on eBay, just from the sheer number of people who used to call me and say they were drunk or on medication when they ordered their tickets lol. I mean, those same people are probably on eBay. Of course I also got the usual "my kid took my CC etc" I reported a few of the larger "fraudulent" sales as Telephony and wire fraud (It was just an extra measure to freak the scammer out, I have no idea if it really is). Some of the orders people said they never received etc. were in the thousands of dollars and FedEx will only insure for the dollar amount printed on the ticket. We'd call their local police department to file theft reports..... Threatening scammers with "grand larceny" really works wonders and if it was over $1000, we did it. We had to be vigilant :drool:
  12. Wow, this gets better and better.......NOW she is saying that she bets the FedEx driver signed HER name and stole the package or just left it at her office. She is nuts I think. I already told her I was going to call the police, etc. and she insists that I will have to refund her!!!
  13. oh no...don't refund her. If her package was "stolen" then tell her you can help her with the police report, but since the package was hers (she bought it), it's ultimately her theft to deal with. I would call 1800-Go-fedex and ask for the hub that her driver operates out of. If the driver did take it (but I doubt he did) then he might give it to her after he hears he's being blamed, and I am sure that if he didn't take it, he is going to be able to produce all kinds of proof that he delivered it. It's pretty great how helpful people can be with just a phone call. I had a woman at FedEx go through a bin (those great big ones) in the LAX airport hub for me once, just from a phone call.

    Good luck!
  14. To the OP, I'm so sorry to hear about this. This would be any eBay seller's nightmare come true. I get signature delivery confirmation & insurance for all my eBay shipments for PayPal seller protection, and just knock on wood that I don't encounter one of these scam artists. If you don't mind could you PM me this buyer's eBay ID so I can block it ASAP? And please keep us NOT give in to her extortions & refund her though.....with a case like this PayPal better rule in your favor (that is, if that scam artist dares to go through with a chargeback) or else I don't know how honest sellers can be protected at all in the eBay world. Remember, karma is a b*tch and it will come back to bite that scam artist of a buyer one way or another. Sending good wishes your way!
  15. She sounds like a total scammer... Her story is so off-the-wall! The Fed Ex driver would have no idea what's in the package. So they randomly steal her package and sign her name? I highly doubt it! Let her file a claim with PayPal; she has no leg to stand on... Could you also PM me her Ebay ID? I'd like to block her as well.... Best of luck to you, but I doubt you have anything to worry about!