WTB: LV Forum Moderator(s)

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  1. To put less stress on our mods, we are looking for 1-2 individuals who would like to moderate the Louis Vuitton forum. The Hermes & Balenciaga forums will undergo the same treatment.

    Obviously you should have an excessive obsession with Louis, be a total bag whore and enthusiast and be willing and ready to take care of misbehaving individuals. :graucho:

    Post here if you'd like to be considered, or recommend some names that come to mind!
  2. I'm interested! LV or Balenciaga!
  3. OOh! I vote for Ayla!:idea::yes:
  4. I can do LV if you want me to.
  5. Ooooooo I'm definitly interested! I have tons of spare time on my hands, so i'm able to be on the purseblog frequently throughout the day!
    And i'm totally obsessed with LV. I can answer any question relating to LV! I'm literally in the LV store more than i'm in the grocery store lol!
  6. Yeah LV Addict!
  7. oooohh i'd :heart::heart::heart: to be an LV moderator! :yes::love: i'm on summer vacation now and i'm here ALL DAY

    and LV_addict and ayla would be great too :rochard:!
  8. I would love to be considered! I'm usually in here in the morning, a couple quick checks in the day, and then on and off all night (I was actually going to email you guys to ask what qualifications were needed to be a mod!).
    Thanks :smile:
  9. I'll be interested in LV, stay at home Mom.
    BTW I think LV addict will be perfect for LV sub-forums.
  10. Aww.. thanks for the support !

    I certainly am an EXCESSIVE Louis Vuitton bagaholic, and I'm ready to kick butt if you'd have me as a mod. :biggrin:
  11. My vote goes to ayla and LV Addict as well! They have definately proven themselves to be obsessed with LV! lol
  12. Ayla & Lv_addict!
  13. LV addict! and I would love to be considered for the position!!!!
  14. got my vote too!
  15. Hiya,
    I would love to MOD!!!! I have no problem with handling or helping individuals and have lots of time and LV knowledge. I am in the UK and am a nightowl here, I can spend up to 12 hrs on here easily. I don't know if you pay, don't care if you do, but I do take any currency or handbags. Feel free to check out my threads and collection, I feel very passionate about LV, but am also involved in all the forums.
    Thank you,
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Not open for further replies.
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