Wrong size heel tips in the CL box?

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  1. Hi ladies, I need to replace the heel tips of my Pigalle Follies but when I found the little pouch with the replacement tips from the box, the tips seem like they're incorrect. Is this possible?

    On the left is the old tip and it has a much shorter metal stem, and the tip itself looks a bit bigger than my other tip that's still on the shoe.

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    I’m not sure the length of the heel tip matters.....I’ve had problems with the heel tips not fitting in because too thick.....the Pigalle Follies, So Kate’s, and other styles uses a very thin stem heel tip......having said that, I have really good luck having a cobbler replace them.....my cobbler uses a brand of heel tap with the label super tap or maybe sure tap that really lasts a long time compared to the ones Louboutin uses.....I’ve posted a photo of the tap in another thread..... View attachment 4212680
  3. I keep all the tips from my CLs together in one bag and there'a a lot of variation in the stem lengths.
    Also, I *think* I've found a source for replacement tips made by Super Tap.I should be getting them in today's mail and I'll send an update with the name of the shop if they are in fact the correct size and stem. Finding the really small sizes is surprisingly difficult!
  4. Oh yes.....if you can find someplace to but the super taps, please let us know.....right now it’s 15-25 dollars each time at my cobblers.......it’s a simple DIY if one has the taps and a pair of vice grips......
  5. Exactly! I'm crossing my fingers as these are $0.95 a pair (shipping was quite a bit so I bought a ton of them lol). I like to replace mine myself as they wear out so quickly.
  6. I definitely don't want to spend $15-25 every time! My CLs have been very durable despite having worn them many many times, even my pairs of suede. I too am interested in where to buy the super taps.
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  8. Hi Cadillac Claire:

    So did you get the super taps?......I have been researching them myself, looking for a source.......I think the ones I need for my Pigalle Follies, and Decollete 554 are the 6mm flextip ones...I think I found a source for them here in Los Angeles but have not actually gone to the place.....was wondering what you were able to get and from where....
  9. My boyfriend usually replaces my worn CL heel tips but I haven't been able to find any of the So Kate or Follies tips online recently and I've used up all the extra tips that came with my CLs. I found a source in the UK but the tips are slightly larger. If you find a source, please let us know. Thanks!
  10. Okay! I got the tips and have an update for you all.
    They are the right size for SK and PF - HOWEVER there are two small caveats:
    1. The posts are very long. So long that on my PF they sand out by about a millimeter. This isn't a deal breaker for me as I have a Dremel tool and it will take me two seconds to shave a bit off of the top.
    2. The plastic tip itself is taller than those that come as spares. The spares are 5mm, and the replacements are 6.5mm. This is a positive for me, as I think they'll last longer, but I know folks have taken to shaving off their heels by millimeters so that may be an issue for some.
    Size 6 for So Kate/Pigalle Follies. Size 8 works for Pigalle and the other thicker heels.
    Shipping is $10 up to $24.99 of merchandise which is a lot for such a small package, but worth it in the long run. I bought 25 pairs in various sizes and colors so I'll be good for a while. If anyone here really wants to try a pair out first PM me and I'll send you a pair to try out (within reason, not going to send them all lol!)
    I'm posting pictures and this same info on the Care thread in the reference forum.
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  11. Hi cadillacclaire

    I found a source here in Los Angeles!.......so excited!......it is a wholesale store that sells supplies to cobblers.......they say they have them in all sizes and colors......going to make a beeline there today......they sell in boxes of 25 and 100....... I’m going for a box of 25.....should hold me for a while.....will report back.......good thing is no shipping cost......they charge $24 per box....

    So will be buying the supertap flexpin 6mm taps right?......may also pick up some 7mm ones as well(have several pairs of the Dolce & Gabanna Kate pumps which I think uses the 7mm flexpin taps)....
  12. That's great! A lot of wholesale places won't sell to individuals, glad you found a source.
    Yes! Flexpin 6mm is what I got, perfect size for both So Kate and Pigalle Follies.
  13. Well, I don’t know if they will in fact sell to me.... but I think they have no interest in selling one or two taps, but if I offer to buy a box, hopefully they will sell to me...will know later today....

    I also have several pairs of the Decolette 554... I think those are also the 6mm taps....

    Fortunately, my So Kate’s are not worn down.... maybe because I only wear them when I know I will be sitting....
  14. Success
  15. Does he send/ship to other states?
    I am in real need of oak and black to begin with! (I may need red at some point, but now those two are my most needed for Louboutin and a couple of Zanotti stilettos)
    Thank you! (Sent you a message as well)