Wristlet .. anyone else??

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  1. I have search this forum and can find other pic's of this wristlet.

    can anyone give me info about it. when did it come out,and what line is it from. thanks.
  2. That is a MFF wristlet. I can not remember the name right now. If you look at the tag attached to it you will see the f before the style number.
  3. I'm not sure, but I seen that at my Outlet Friday night....They are a pretty good size.It also comes in another color.I believe they were $59.00 with 20% off.
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    They are still at the outlets. There are also bags that match the patterns too. Looks like the style # is F43594. The other color is a bright pink with coach script on it that look like this:

  5. From what I am finding it seems to just be called the polka dot print. Also from a previous post I remember someone that purchased the bag said they just recently came out.
  6. I saw those... with a zipper rather then kisslock.. very cute.
  7. ^^ Yeah, I've seen them both with and without the kisslock at the outlet. They also had a few that were the Legacy stripe with the kisslock. They looked very roomy.
  8. I saw that one at the outlet when I was there, a lady beside me was purchasing it.