Wrinkled Canvas Drafting Tote

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  1. Looking for ideas on getting wrinkles out of a Coach drafting tote. Someone got it and threw it on the bottom of their closet. It has suede on the lower corners and a leather bottom.
  2. have you tried putting it on an ironing board, then put a towel over it, then iron over the towel gently? that just might work, but use the towel between the bag and the iron to protect it

    sounds silly but it works
  3. An ironing board? What's that?

    (just kidding, I have 2!).

    That's one of the things I was thinking of doing. Someone suggested a steamer but I don't have one...
  4. I know, my ironing board collects a lot of dust!

    try that though, slide the bag over the end of the board, and do the towel so it doesn't scortch or melt the plastic in the nylon. even try just a slightly damp thin towel (like a dish towel)

    let me know how it works, I think it will work great.
  5. You could try stuffing it tightly - that's what the LV owners do with the monogram canvas (cotton Turtlenecks and t shirts work well) and leave it stuffed for a few days.