Wowo, never saw that one coming... NOT

  1. tila tequila breaks up with bobby??? Am i the only one here whose not suprised?.. and oh! Another season?? Hahaha.. i love how his official statment was that she never even gave him her phone number hahaha. It was like... uhhh yeah, btw.. it was just a show.... loser...

    that show is so trash.. and i kinda love it
  2. I just bet my friend who is sitting next to me $5 that this thread is about Tila. WOOOO. I didn't surprise me at all..did you see her on MTV? She said it was "such a shock" he would break up with her.'s MTV. Nothing is reality. :nogood:
  3. ugh can't stand her :yucky: Her face looks like a bobble head and also kind of looks like a mix between an oompa loompa and a hobbit. So phony and fake!
  4. i'm not surprised at all, either. bobby seemed like too much of a good guy to be w/ tila, so i'm glad they're not w/ each other.

    I read rumors that tila said bobby broke up w/ her, but bobby said that tila didn't contact him after the final night when she chose him. =/
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::tup::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. oh god, that means another season :wacko:!
  7. LOL! :roflmfao:... I'm not surprised either.
  8. I thought that was normal...she wasn't supposed to contact him until the final show had aired. Did you mean she never contacted him after the final show aired? Even though she said "I can't wait to see him" (or words to that effect)?
  9. I saw that mess coming early on. She seems too fickle and childish. Clearly, this is just a game to her.
    There has only been (to my knowledge) 1 relationship in this 'reality dating/finding love' that has actually worked - Ryan & Trista
  10. :rolleyes:
  11. I love how she was all, "I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together" and "I could be your wifey!" during the season finale... only for her to not give him her phone number. LOL
  12. She's a celebrity??
  13. LOL! It's weird though because he said he never even got her number after the final show aired. But they were together on the reunion show. And they said they had been communicating on the down-low since no one was supposed to know she picked him yet. Was the lack of contact after that show?

    Either way I feel that Bobby is too much of a sweet boy for Tila.
  14. :confused1: have no idea who you guys are talking about haha
  15. Oh, god...MTV just played that show over and over and ooooover...and ooooover!!!

    At least if they are playing "The Hills" reruns, we get to see cute clothes, shoes and handbags!