wow who knew this bag was soooo huge?

  1. I just saw this pic of Cameron Diaz and although I have seen this bag in pics before I never realized how absolutely enormous it is...are there different sizes?
  2. I have one, its pretty big. But I like big bags, my brooklyn bag I can hide behind.
  3. i love it! But I believe there is a smaller one.
  4. Woah that is a huge bag! I've never seen it at the Chanel store before. But I bet you can carry loads of stuff in it!
  5. this is the large size. I seen this at the NM in Tysons Corner.
    It is huge.. There are 2 sizes different than what was thought previously.
    The regular version is much smaller.
  6. wow.. i think i could if inside that bag.
  7. cameron looks gorgeous there :heart:
  8. Ack! That's a little TOO big IMO.
    Wow - that's gonna swallow her whole!
  9. Even my SA said:"You can put your baby inside." She is a funny lady, but I love big bags as well!
  10. Great Pierre Hardy bag, too!!
  11. Is that the denim cabas??? I never realised it was sooo ginormous!!
  12. SO can someone confirm this, Original Cabas comes in 2 sizes, the big size (Cameron's) and a regular size, whereas only one size for Baby Cabas....
    I am abit confused here. TIA.
  13. I saw that bag in IRL and my jaw dropped. I love big bags, but since I'm 5'2" it was pretty overwhelming!
  14. I saw it and one of the SAs tried to get me to buy but its way too big. My mom commented the bag was good as a luggage bag.
  15. I actually am quite a fan of the denim cabas, but I wish they made one the size of the baby cabas, but priced much less since it is only denim.