Wow! This makes me want to hit a few thrift stores tomorrow!

  1. ahah! oh man did THAT person get a steal!! :p

    it's only better than finding a handbag in that, with all that money, you can buy LOTS of handbags!! :yahoo:
  2. this never happens to me. no rare paintings, no antiques, no hermes bags, no bags of $$$

    So unfair!!!=(
  3. I know huh? So
  4. lol that's life isn't it. I was watching antique roadshow once and this woman bought this old looking table for $15 and the antique expert on furniture told her it was a rare piece and she auctioned it for a half a million. I pray that that'll happen to me one day :smile:
  5. Wow !! That is pretty amazing. Best of look to them both.
  6. Wow! What are the chances of that happening? Wish I could come across stuff like that....
  7. Very lucky- congrats to him
  8. I try and try to find the jewel among all the cr*p but never happens to me!!! :crybaby:
  9. WOW- thrift stores here I come!
  10. holy!!! lucky guy!
  11. Cool! :nuts: How awesome to find a piece of history just by chance. Now I wonder what I would do with all that money :graucho:
  12. I wonder who bought it? I thought items like that would have to be put in a national museum?
    Very lucky man for finding it though.
  13. That is sweet, bet the person that donated that feels pretty silly now!
  14. Oh, I saw that episode! It was Federal style card table. The Keno brothers had estimated she would get $150,000 to $250,000 for that table and it went all the way up to $450,000. Even with the auction house taking a third of that, she gets a profit of $299,985. What is that? Like a 1,000,000% return?