Wow look at that patina !!!

  1. *gulp* what would they have done to it to get it that dark? :|
  2. Wow that is very dark they must have used it every day.
  3. I'm not too into the "dark" patina..but this bag looks evenly done! I wonder how long it took to do this.
  4. mm...not a fan a dark brown patina...
  5. I love patina, but this just doesn't look right to me.
  6. It's very well loved, but i think it looks cute
  7. It looks very dirty...ewww!
  8. Use it all the time, and have greasy hands. I'm sure the bag has to be 4 yrs old... I hope.

    It looks more like a lot of dirt then a nice tan.
  9. yea yuck....
  10. This isen't *just* patina, it must've been oiled or tanned. Honestly, if it was natural patina it wouldn't have been that even already. It's still quite a new bag and already has more patina than some vintage pieces from the 70s. :wondering I don't think it looks very good.
  11. Ick i don't like it :sad:
  12. I've seen some ppl use brown shoe polish on the vachetta and this looks like one of them.
  13. Wooow. :wtf:
  14. That's good that the owner really loved her bag!