1. Okay so obviously my stuff is authentic...yet it was taken down. I really needed the money to help pay for my $2,500 root canal on tuesday and it was going to end in like 2 days (it was a 5 day listing) and the freakin took my listing down I AM SO PISSED. So you know that eBay DOES NOT CHECK LISTINGS the ONLY way they are ever taken down is if someone reports it. MY STUFF IS AUTHENTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH and i had like a million pics and the longest write up ever.

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW eBay SUCKS! i like dont even know what to do right now and LIVE CHAT never helps!
  2. Oh god i'm so sorry! Why was it taken down?
  3. idk. someone reported it i guess. idk why. this happens a lot to me....i think people get jealous of my listings because if i have a listing thats doing really well...and other ppl are selling the same thing and there are little-no bids on theirs mine will mysteriously get reported.

    this time i really dont know why....they said its trademark infirngement (which means someone said my stuff is fake which it totally was not) I had like 11 pics up too and a huge a$$ description. I cant even copy and paste from the old listing. i am soooo angry...i wanna light my computer on fire!
  4. Unfortunately there are some very spiteful people on eBay, it could also be a case of clueless ebayer who can't tell fake from real.

    I am so sorry this happened, it is so frustrating!
  5. now it wont let me relist it as LV and suggested i review their policy on counterfeit items. WOW i can not WAIT to give them a piece of my mind. I am so ANTI fake! and i mean I have posted pics on here....all my stuff is authentic...the majority of it is purchased right from 1866vuitton
  6. If you have the receipt then write to ebay and forward that receipt then they will let you re-list it. Happened to me before....
  7. I had 3 Gucci items taken down last week and i said i had the receipts they said that was not proof as these could be copied. I said i had the bank statements to back up the receipts- NO REPLY!:sad:
  8. Welcome to the "I-got-VeRO'd" club :sad: Sorry this happened to you. I've been a member on eBay for almost 7 years and had no problems selling until just recently, when someone reported my authentic Rock & Republic jeans listings and R&R VeRO removed them for 'trademark infringement' too.

    Unfortunately I bought them from other ebay sellers so didn't have any receipts but R&R VeRO have been total a-holes and eBay can't actually help since according to them, they can't authenticate the products so they have to do what the rights owner tells them to do else they risk being sued. If you relist the item without getting the rights owner's permission, eBay will suspend you indefinitely so be careful.

    If you have the means and time to dispute this, contact Karen at - she's successfully fought several big corporate bullies who abused their VeRO rights to take down her listings. If not, wait a while and relist using another account with a different IP, photos etc. And in the future (this I learnt the hard way) save your listings as a template so you don't lose them when they get taken down. Good luck!
  9. Bottom line is, the trademark owners don't WANT us selling their stuff in the secondary market.
  10. I had the problem with Ebay not letting me list also. I kept arguing, going through live help, and talking to them. I finally paid the $5.00 fee to have them authenticated and Ebay lifted the restriction placed on my account.
  11. they said they wont lift mine for 6 MONTHS! what do you send them after you get it authenticated??
  12. welcome to ebay H3LL. I have had so many taken down. My guess is it's the people selling fakes as not to be "outed" or other competitors. I started my own website instead. It's a witch hunt out there now.

  13. yeah i guess so. ebay sucks for sellling i guess.
  14. well unless youre a power seller
  15. You know what baffles me? If it's just competition, how come yours got taken down? Um... what I mean is (sorry i'm not very good at explaining), we report fakes all the time and they never get taken down, is it just luck that yours did or did somehow a whole group of people report?