WOW: gorgeous bordeaux '05 WEEKENDER :-) !!!

  1. good luck, mims!!!!:love:
  2. But I thought this already sold??
  3. wow!!! i just saw ur pic in the wearing your b-bag thread! it's gorgeous mimz
    good luck with the sale :P
  4. bbag, in her description, she included a note saying that the original sale fell thru
  5. Thanks BooYah, I didn't see that.:smile:
  6. good luck MiMi dear! :love: And good luck on the big move too :smile:
  7. It's beautiful! Good luck, MiMi!:flowers:
  8. All the best in the sale and the move mimz (I am moving too and it's very exciting :yahoo: :yahoo: and stressful :wacko: at the same time !!)
    Sorry :back2topic:
  9. sucks that the original sale fell through mimi! its a gorgeous bag... :heart: hope it goes to a loving PF home!
  10. aw, thanks for the good wishes girls ;) :love:
  11. Yummy!! Go mimister!!
  12. Yeeaahhhhhhhh .... already sold :yahoo: ! Congratulations MiMi :flowers: !
    Who got it ? Is it a PFer ?? :shrugs:
  13. Congrats on your sale Mimi!