Wow, a $3500 World Cup LE Carryall on eBay (ro)

  1. I like the rarity but honestly I really don't like the mono canvas with black leather trim :Push:
  2. Ooooh.. it's so pretty !
  3. Oh I would so LOVE that Carryall.....I love football (soccer) and that would do me fine justice. :graucho:
  4. I really like it, very unique.
  5. Very nice:yes:
  6. it's very nice! I really like it....
  7. Woooow.... they got #11... :biggrin:
  8. i love the silver hardware but not the black trim
  9. Ooh, I like it! I can picture someone like Cristiano Ronaldo (sp?) carrying something like this. :love: :love:
  10. Don't like it..
  11. OMG Cristiano Ronaldo has got to be the most HOTTEST guy on the planet :love:

    I would take him over the bag, anyday! :nuts:
  12. I like this!!!
  13. Gorgeous
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