WOW '05 Sky blue coin purse :-)))

  1. this is really nice, this one was a beautiful color, but no matter what, I always have this feeling that B small accessories are awfully expensive. I am not saying this for Beverly, I just mean that I belive there is a disproportion from the beginning, retail prices are excessive. Coin purse, boobie and so on. Maybe it's just me...
  2. It is not just you, Trama. I find them totally adorable, and I could find a way to justify $285 for a coin purse, but then I think of all the bbags I want and conclude that I am better off putting the money toward one of them... I do wish the accessories cost less! and that there existed something the size of the makeup with the shape of the coin purse... bring back the clutch! (and then I'll think about spending too much money on it :drool::supacool:)

    Beverly - good luck with the auction!!!
  3. ^^ i agree! it's adorable, but that's almost 1/4 the price of a bag!
  4. I LOVE accessories, especially the makups bags and boobies. Too cute for words.
  5. Awww thanks ladies, it just sold on BIN to a lovely buyer :smile:

    I know what you mean about the whole value-for-money thing, I never used to like the accessories either for that reason (especially since I'm in Australia and once you add plus-plus-plus, it ends up being so $$!)

    Didn't end up stopping me buying a couple of pieces though, I justify it because they go so well with my B bags, hehe! :wlae:
  6. I am glad you sold it beverly!
    What us frenchies say is probably true: "Quand on aime on ne compte pas" (when you love you don't count)