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  1. I was selling a pair of earrings buy it now with best offer. A buyer made an offer and I countered with about 10% off the BIN price. She accepted but didn't pay. It's been 2 days and she sends me a message saying she can no longer pay for it. She doesn't give a reason.
    Would you just file a NPB case? She accepted the offer price. But now she is backing out. She has 0 feedback (should have been a red flag for me). And it's about $200 for the item. I hate buyers remorse and I feel like that's what she has.
    I asked her for a reason. Maybe if she makes something good up I'll think twice about NPB case.
    Also once you file a NPB case the buyer can't do anything to resolve it but pay? Otherwise they get a NPB strike, right?
  2. She already gave you a reason, that she can't pay for it.

    Allow the amount of time necessary and file NPB. This is exactly the circumstance it's meant for.
  3. ^ what she said. As soon as the 4 days is up, file. By doing this, you will possibly protect others from her messing around.
  4. Totally agree with everyone she deserves the NPB strike, she should have thought about how she was going to pay for it before she accepted your offer. It's just not fair, now you have to start all over again. She deserves it.
  5. update: she gave me a reason, saying her brother got into an car accident and now she needs to pay for his hospital bill

    should i believe her? its fishy to me she waited to pay. she offered and i countered offer and she accepted the offer within 1/2 hour so i expected her to pay right away since it seemed like she was still online. but she waited 2 days before contacting me.

    and honestly if my brother was in the hospital, the last thing i would be doing is on ebay messaging someone i can't pay for an item

  6. Check what your buyer has been buying lately. Look under ebay advanced search>find items by bidder. put in the UserID. Click on the options to show all completed auctions and as high bidder in the last 15 days...
  7. You don't have to go back and forth with her if you don't want to, she's probably lying anyway. File a NPB and blocked her.
  8. Agreed. But as the OP was clearly worried about whether to believe or not, just checking what their bidding pattern is makes that choice really easy. Much easier than worrying.
  9. NPB as soon as you can.
  10. NPB. If she has zero feedback, she probably just created this ebay name because she has a dozen others with NPB strikes already. OP, I appreciate your sense of decency, but obviously your buyer has none. File for a strike.
  11. I would do a NPB!
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    Sorry. I should have been clearer. I don't believe that further dialogue with this buyer is of any use at all - they have said they can't pay.

    In their update however, the OP was still sounding concerned about whether they should believe the story, so they were hesitating. This case is beyond hesitation.

    OP, if in the future, you find yourself wavering when hit with one of these stories, checking the bidding record takes about 10 seconds and does not involve contact with the buyer. What you see in the results, usually makes you want to stomp on their laptop or hand held or whatever. :bagslap:
    eBay is not a game.

    To me, 10 seconds checking a buyers spin is a good investment on the rare occasions when someone spins a story, or doesn't pay when expected (or asks for special conditions...). I have also used this to spot trouble coming & cancel a bid before an auction ended.

    Good luck OP. Strike and relist.
  14. Personally I wouldn't fall for her "reason". Just file the NPB.
  15. Update:
    I got a message from her this morning saying she didn't have to pay for the hospital bills and she paid for the earrings.