Would you wear the miroir speedy during the day?

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  1. or night only?
  2. anytime for me
  3. Never. Sorry.
  4. ehhh....probably in nyc with all the pretty lights on the town.....beautiful....
  5. nighttime
  6. If I was lucky enough to have one all the time
  7. i'd wear the pap during the day.....since the speedy is bigger, i'd use that for night tme.
  8. :wtf: I thought you hated the Miroir bags?????????????????????? :shrugs:
  9. It really depends on how you dress...I think because of how loud of a statement that the miroir bags make, you need to tone down your outfits...
  10. For the price of it...I'd say yes...
  11. Yeah I would totally wear mine during the day. But I am that flashy type of person!?!

    I think it would totally hot with dark blue jeans, black turtleneck, blackleather jacket and black boots... :shrugs:
  12. that's a great thought!:yes:

  13. :lol: yea who knows anymore.

    to answer your question, if I had a miroir, I would wear it all day long. ;)
  14. I would wear it anytime of the day just as long as it goes well with my outfit. I am actually using my gold Papillon today.
  15. I will use mine everyday. Speedy for day...pap for night. ( I like a smaller bag for evening) I live in a warm climate so wear alot of dresses, and skirts, the silver speedy will look great! I tend to wear darker clothes at night so the gold pap will be perfect!