Would you use LV charms/pastilles on non LV bags?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wondering about this. I bought a new bronze coloured drawstring sling bag from Esprit yesterday. Being the bag hag I am, I couldn't resist getting it. I thought it looked cute but a little plain, so I added my LV pastilles and inclusion charm on it. Added some pics here to illustrate what I mean.

    Does it look weird? Would you add your LV items on non LV bags? Does it look wrong? :sweatdrop:

    I am wondering whether my pastilles / charms are feeling insulted... :p
    07012007130.jpg 07012007135.jpg
  2. I would on my Prada...
  3. Hi Vicki-- I like the pastilles bracelet on it, but the inclusion,not as much.
    I do it all the time too, I think it's fine. Enjoy!:yes:
  4. pastilles look great, but you overdid it with the inclusion!
    the pastilles, actually, look so good that i thought that they were on the bag to start with for a second...
  5. Just the pastilles, please! :yes: But really, the bag is just as cute without! Nice choice!
  6. ITA

    I mix all the time, if it looks good, that's all the matters :smile:
  7. I would TOTALLY use them on other bags. i don't however know if i would do it on that bag. the pastilles and the inclusion sort of blend into the bag... maybe on another color bag?
  8. I like the pastilles on it! Very cute. Might as well mix and match!!!
  9. It looks very cute with the pastilles!
  10. Wow....the bracelet looks so good on it! It looks even better than on some LV bags that I see in here. ;)
  11. I agree. :yes: