Would you still get the bag knowing it's the last piece left?


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Dec 23, 2009
one of the bal boutiques has the stock for my dream bal bag but i'm not feeling very confortable getting it as i was told it's the last piece. after some negotiation, the SA sent a pic but it isn't very clear & only the front view.

then i went on to ask her to confirm and check for marks. scratches, scuffs, etc and ensure it's a piece without defects, she merely gave a very general reply that the practice for them is to check the bags before shipping and that they are in good condition. as such, i could not get a black & white confirmation that the bag i'm getting is without defect.

should i still get the bag? didn't really like what i saw in the pic somehow, the colour does not seem rich & saturated to depict the beauty of raisin. then again it could be the lighting, am really not sure...

do you think i should still get the bag? FYI, before this, another boutique had the last piece too & when i confirmed to check for defects, the SA honestly shared that there are 3 scratches on the front of the bag!

i'm just worried it could be the case for this piece and that's why it's the last piece at the boutique? any advice?


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Jan 26, 2008
I wouldn't get it--the refusal of the SA to elaborate, plus the lack of clarity in the pics--makes me nervous. It's an expensive risk.

I thought I saw some raisin bags availabel on the ****** website.

Good luck!


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Apr 17, 2007
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if you feel lucky to have found the last one and that it was meant to be, and you can accept her completely even with her flaws, then I say yes!

Otherwise, keep searching until you find the right one...


Mar 17, 2006
It depends on if you think you're be able to find it somewhere else or not I guess, and how rare and popular the color was.


Apr 26, 2008
Could you send it back if you don`t like it ? And there are some Raisin available at ****** too!!!


Mar 1, 2006
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Rarely, if ever, is there a last piece. Older colors often come up for sale in great condition so if you pass on Raisin now there will be another down the road.

Since the boutiques only give store credit I wouldn't make a purchase if you are unsure. And realize that even when s/a's state a bag is perfect there are times the customer notices flaws upon receipt.


luv her to bits :)
Dec 23, 2009
hi Cate14, brunettetiger, beauxgoris, wonderwoman9, Tokyo, Moonstarr, roey, dreachick2384, thank you so much for your advice & thoughts :ty:

after thinking long & hard, it's highly unlikely i'll be getting the bag. roey, i really hope that a similar colour with GGH will be made available for the next season, thanks for the comforting words :smile:

now about ******, i came across ****** threads & discovered that raisin city ggh was in the pre-order list and when i realised that 2 TPFers gave up their reservation for that piece, i emailed her immediately at least twice & received no reply from her at all... i'm really disappointed & very very very sad about that :crybaby:since many TPFers raved about her efficient & great service. even if that piece isn't available anymore, it does not hurt to drop me a brief note & inform me about it???

anyway, if u r also look for this bag, you may want to contact bal london or bal milan especially if you aint the fussy sort like me :graucho:


Jul 24, 2008
i wouldn't get it. the disappointment and hassle of returning (provided you can return) will ruin the entire experience.


Mar 11, 2007
Yeah! If you DON'T get it, and it's the last one--you'll hate yourself forever!

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